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We offer, first of all, a simple and understandable tool for building and strengthening any type of business relationship using digital assets. We are the key to a comprehensive solution of financial goals for projects of any scale.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of blockchain and fintech systems, we have created a reliable and understandable tool that will help you make the most of the upcoming opportunities.

Our mission is simple: To provide innovative systems that bring value to our patrons. We adapt technology to create systems that provide clear competitive advantages to members of World Consortium. At World Consortium, we strictly adhere to high ethical standards and exhibit pure dedication to excellence in all operational aspects.

Joined Projects

The growth in the number and volume of investment portfolios with digital assets is growing rapidly. In the first half of 2021, the amount of investment in this industry has already doubled compared to 2020 data, and by 2027, according to Utility Bidder forecasts, the total valuation of fintech companies will reach $382 billion, of which $67.4 billion will be spent on fintech associated with the blockchain. Thus, this segment will account for about 20% of the entire financial technology market. The digital economy, fintech, blockchain are not some distant future, but the realities of the present, which you get on the World Consortium site. We do not offer risky startups. All our projects are ready to be launched on the markets.

Artificial Intelligence

An ecosystem of techno leaders in creating conditions for the development of AI in various sectors of the economy and finance

Trust does

The full-fledged work of the consortium would be impossible without full confidence in its payment unit. With this in mind, our specialists developed Btcopyright ABTC (BT©) with an emphasis on maximum security and ease of use, thanks to which ABTC meets all the needs of investors:
  • 01

    The development of the coin is based on the Bitcoin algorithm on its own Proof of Work decentralized blockchain;

  • 02

    The transparency of the ecosystem and coin holders will protect your assets from fraud;

  • 03

    Low commission, instant and easy transfers 24/7 around the world without any restrictions;

  • 04

    Uninterrupted network operation and 51% attack protection will give you confidence in the safety of your assets;

  • 05

    An easy way to invest without special licenses and permits for ownership, translation and storage;

  • 06

    The presence of external regulators and a possible speculative shortage of the ABTC coin;

  • 07

    ABTC coin obligations to holders are fully secured by real assets;

  • 08

    After the planned transition to PoS, we will not be affected by the problem of resource and energy intensity of work inherent in classic cryptocurrencies.

Benefits of
World Consortium

Joint Growth

Exchange of experience and knowledge among members


Live and online meetings of consortium members


Partners and funding for your project

Digital assets

Getting income from digital assets
World Consortium is, first of all, a community for developers, cryptocurrency experts, entrepreneurs, traders, founders of startups and large businesses. Each participant can use the opportunities provided by the World Consortium to achieve their goals. Thanks to the structure and logic of business processes, the World Consortium is building a bridge between the world of cryptocurrency assets based on blockchain technology and real businesses from around the world.

Designed for the
Economy of the Future

Btcopyright ABTC (BT©) is the fuel of the World Consortium's financial ecosystem, the primary means of settlement, fees and collateral. For example:
  • Get profit from active trading of BT© on the stock exchange.
  • Become a partner in an international consortium and gain access to its business community.
  • Get profit from the implementation of finished projects.
  • Sell your products, assets or services to consortium members by bidding in BT©.
  • Purchase consortium members' goods, assets or services using BT© as a means of payment.
  • Create and implement your projects with the help of consortium members.
  • Exchange goods, assets or services with members of the consortium, fixing their value in BT©.
  • Get early access to promising investment projects developed by the Worldconsortium team and members of its community.