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Digital strategies that inspire meaningful connections

To get out of the modern crisis that has arisen in all spheres of social relations, we propose a tool for consolidating the efforts of all mankind and uniting into one organism while maintaining the individual path of development of each subject.
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We offer a turnkey solution. The World Consortium, first of all, is a simple and straightforward tool for building and strengthening any type of business relationship involving digital currencies. We are the key to comprehensively solving financial problems for projects of any size.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of blockchain and fintech systems, we have created a reliable and understandable tool that will help you make the most of the upcoming opportunities.

Our mission is simple: To provide innovative systems that bring value to our patrons. We adapt technology to create systems that provide clear competitive advantages to members of World Consortium. At World Consortium, we strictly adhere to high ethical standards and exhibit pure dedication to excellence in all operational aspects.

We believe blockchain and digital assets are finding strategic grounds in the investment space as they become poised for a more regulated and stable presence in the global markets.

Btcopyright ABTC (BT©). This is exactly the tool that provides a solution to the financial needs of investors.
Here you can become ABTC “co-authors” and take an active part in the implementation of the Original Purpose of the Blockchain.

The cybercurrency Btcopyright as bitcoin, a copyrighted intangible asset, forms a decentralized ecosystem based on a planetary agreement on the sharing of remuneration between co-authors based on the results of joint intellectual activity, also known as the clover agreement.

Best low-risk investments with ABTC

We do not offer risky startups. All our high-tech solutions are ready to be launched on the markets. By owning BT©, you not only become a member of the World Consortium, you also receive related copyrights to the projects of the consortium. Protection and hedging of the holder of the author's bitcoin - the co-author of the copyright for the intangible asset of the Unified Technology, which is allowed to be sold all over the world. BT© has the property of depreciation and, accordingly, optimization of the taxable base of the co-owner, along with hedging risks from volatility.

NFT ecology projects

The digital tree brings real green life to the ground. Each NFT will fund the planting of a real tree.

Artificial Intelligence

An ecosystem of techno leaders in creating conditions for the development of AI in various sectors of the economy and finance

Blockchain technologies

Development and implementation of software products based on blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

Cyber Security Systems

Systems for detecting and neutralizing cyber threats for the safe use of modern technologies.

The only condition in the Consortium is income through joint efforts, through the Single Technology using ABTC. No more borders and frames.

Join the community of World Consortium

This is the beginning of your journey in the digital world. The World Consortium is building a bridge between classic decentralized cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, NFT projects and central bank cryptocurrencies. World Consortium is a clear tool for solving modern problems of any business.

Ready-made strategies, combined with innovative systems, will benefit community members and set them apart from competitors.

Participant project system

(I 2022)

Additional functionality for users of the World Consortium system: the ability to exhibit their projects to attract investment, as well as a system for accounting for investments in each project.


(II-III 2022)

Launch of World Consortium applications for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac;

Launch of off-line cold storage wallets;

Launching an additional application of peer to peer systems, and systems for mining coins by World Consortium members;


(I-IV 2022)

World Consortium will provide G-7 member countries with 3,000 ABTC, G-20 members with 2,000 ABTC, and other countries with 1,000 ABTC for the development of innovative technologies, the development of artificial intelligence technologies and assistance in environmental issues.


(II-III 2022)

Launching ready-made, as well as attracting new investment fintech projects, development of artificial intelligence systems, technologies to improve the environmental situation in the world, blockchain systems.

Buying Btcopyright gives you the ability to:

  • Get profit from active trading of BT© on the stock exchange.
  • Become a partner in an international consortium and gain access to its business community.
  • Get profit from the implementation of finished projects.
  • Sell your products, assets or services to consortium members by bidding in BT©.
  • Purchase consortium members' goods, assets or services using BT© as a means of payment.
  • Create and implement your projects with the help of consortium members.
  • Exchange goods, assets or services with members of the consortium, fixing their value in BT©.
  • Get early access to promising investment projects developed by the Worldconsortium team and members of its community.
We break the established stereotypes, showing that using all the possibilities of the consortium, its members can receive much more income than from speculative transactions or participation in dubious schemes. And to get a permanent passive income, - you just need to buy BT©. As a result, you will get access to the full functionality of the consortium with the most promising investment projects and the opportunity to participate in their implementation. The more BT© you have, the more opportunities you have.